3 stems Pampas Grass Natural Fluffy Large 45” – Home Decor, Wedding Boho Plant



3 stems Pampas Grass Natural Fluffy Large 43”-45” tall

INCLUDED: 3 stems

Color: Natural/ Light beige (Color may vary between the stems as it’s a natural plant)
Total length: 43”-45”
Plume length (varies): 23”- 28”

PLEASE NOTE: The size and fluffiness vary between the plumes, it’s a natural plant. We do our best to choose the fluffiest stems available for each order.

PLEASE NOTE: Pampas Grass sheds when being moved around or shaken. But when you place it in a vase it doesn’t shed.
It will last for 2-3 years.

HOW TO MAKE IT FLUFFY: After being in the packaging the fur might get squished significantly, but don’t worry. Shake each stem gently to open up the plumes and place it in a vase. After 24 hrs it will become much fluffier.

– Pampas grass named #1 wedding trend in 2020. Used for making wedding bouquets, wedding arches, centerpieces and chandeliers.

– Perfect for home decor. Place it in a big vase on the floor along with candles and other decor items.

Because of the fragile nature of the stems we do not accept returns. If your stems got damaged during the shipping please send us photos and we will send you a replacement.
Please contact us If you have any questions regarding your order. Thank you!


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