BARGOOSE HOME TEXTILES, INC. Waterproof Mattress Cover. Phthalate Free Vinyl Bed Protector Guards Against Pests & Liquids. White, 12″ Deep (Zippered, Full)



This mattress cover is made from standard 3 gauge waterproof vinyl. This taffeta-finished vinyl mattress encasement offers protection for your mattress and/or box spring from leaks and spills, blood stains, urine, sweat, and other liquids. Recommended if bed wetting is a problem. This can even be used in the hospitality and medical industries. Our mattress cover helps to deflect moisture, water, sweat, and urine so you can protect your mattress from mold and other damage. Made from fire-retardant vinyl, the Zippered Mattress Cover will provide the safety that your kids need to sleep comfortably and without worries. Add these covers to your master bedroom, guest bedroom, kids’ bedroom, and any mattress in your home. Take a stand against pests, allergens, and accidents with the Bargoose Zippered Mattress Cover. You can make sure it fits snugly on your mattress with its zippers. Easily protect the top, bottom, and sides of your mattress and get full 360-degree coverage. It’s easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, disinfectant wipe, or paper towel. Because of the electronically sealed seams, construction, and innovative design, the mattress cover will provide the protection you need, no matter what you’re using it for. Whether you run a hotel, hospital, or bed and breakfast, these mattress covers will help you keep rooms clean and safe for guests. It’s easy to keep beds clean, no matter what guests you host. Don’t settle for dirty, moldy mattresses — the Bargoose Zippered Mattress Covers provide the protection and convenience you need!

ALL-AROUND PROTECTION: By using protective bedding, you can save your mattress from bedwetting accidents, spills, and more. Protective covers help preserve your mattress in its original condition.
EFFECTIVE BARRIER: Unfortunately, messes are very difficult to control. That’s why we designed this cover with a rust-proof zipper end to form a complete seal that prevents messes and spills from ruining your mattress.
3 GAUGE VINYL: By utilizing our zippered mattress and box spring covers, you can be sure you are protected. Our 3 gauge vinyl covers guard against spills, stains, and moisture resulting from accidents, fluids, and sweat. Vinyl encasements also allow for easy care — simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.
FIRE RETARDANT: Vinyl is thick and fire-retardant so you can sleep safely, with no worries. Topped off with a taffeta finish to eliminate noise and allow for a comfortable sleep, along with electronically sealed seams to ensure long-term use.
THE PERFECT FIT: The zippered style of our overlays gives you that tight, snug feeling of fitted covers along with the full 360º protection of true zippered encasements. Cover each mattress in your home, whether in your master bedroom or guest room. Great for the hospitality and medical industries!


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