Coavas Privacy Window Film Stained Glass Window Film Non-Adhesive Frosted Window Film Decorative Glass Film Static Cling Film Window Stickers for Kids Home Office 17.7In. by 78.7In. (45 x 200Cm)

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Product Description

Name: Stained glass window film

Size: 17.7inches*78.7inches

Material: PVC

Design style: orchid

Paste method: Use Water

Apply for: Living room;Bedroom;Office;Kitchen;Front door and any smooth glass surface,

Advantage: Bring more privacy to your home

Protect furniture and glass

Waterproof, oil and stain resistant

Renovation home and so on


window filmwindow film

Boring Office: Sometimes the most refreshing way is not just coffee, but also jokes between colleagues, music in headphones, and window Films that help you block crowded and noisy outsiders.

Warm Home:The home is always insignificant and great, and Please install the window film that provides security and privacy for the family.

Lively Campus:Schools need window film most, and you don’t have to worry about broken windows hurting students When you put the window film on your windows and doors.

And so on

Why don’t read the installation instructions?

window filmwindow film

Here are the most important things.

Step 1. Clean and Measure the window surface (target surface).

Step 2. Cut the same size window film according to the size of the window.

Step 3. Peel off transparent back cover.(Important).

Step 4. Spray plenty of soapy water to the window and The smooth side of the window film,(The best effect is that the water flows down).

Step 5. Postion the window film to the window.(The smooth side to the window.)

Step 6. Use the squeegee to remove excess water and bubbles .

Step 7. Enjoy your time!!!

Useful Tips for Installing Window Films that You Can’t Miss.

window filmwindow film

Please Read the Useful Tips Carefully

Q1: Why Doesn’t The Window Film Stick on the Window?

A1:Please Peel Off the Backing Clear Film And Wet the window and film with soapy Water,Then Scrape air bubbles,

Q2:I have removed the backing film and wet water,But Why doesn’t the film still stay on?

A2:Firstly,You post wrong size to the window,Please make sure that the smooth side to the window,and the Frosted side face to you,Secondly,Please make sure the window is the smooth and clean surface.

Q3:Why Can I see some bubbles?

A3:Too little water,Tear it off and spray plenty of soapy water,Then Scrape out all water and bubbles with a card

Q4:What to do if the edge of the window film starts to fall off?

A4:(1)If The weather is cold,Please Use a Hair Dryer to Soften the Film Or Immerse the Film in Warm Water Under Cold Weather.

(2) The air will separate the window and the film. Make sure that the edge of the window film is 1-2 mm away from the window and scrape bubbles.

Q5:How to peel off the backing Film?

A5:1. Find the green Coavas label then peel off .

2. When the green label is missed,Tape the sides of the product together and stretch them.

Where can I use

window filmwindow film

Any Glass Window and Door at Home

Any Glass Window and Door in Office

Any Glass Window and Door at Hotel

Any Glass Window and Door at School

Any Glass Window and Door in Church

Any Glass Table,Cabinet etc.

What do you think is the advantage of the window film?

window film

window film

window film

window film

window film

window film


Privacy Levels: FOUR Top privacy for your home and office,Recommended for use in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, balcony, skylight.


Perfect window decoration brings vitality and happiness to your home


Glue Free: Static cling design, no toxic glue required ,No traces . Reusable: Leaving No Residue after Removal and the Film Can Be Used Again .

HEALTHY CHOICE – No Glue Design without Chemicals, Health for Your Family
EASY USE – Electrostatic Adhesion Principle, Use a Lot of Water or Soapy Water, Remove without any Residue, Can be Use Again
PRIVACY PROTECTION – Protects Privacy while Allow the Sunlight in,Retain Heat in Winter Comfort and Keep It out in Summer,Saves Energy. Prevents 95% of UV and Glare
STRENGTH GLASS – When the Glass Breaks, the Glass Fragments Stick to the Film and Do Not Splash, Protecting the Safety of Family and Furniture


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