Cookgen Bamboo Cutting Board Set of 3 With Juice Groove, Pre Oiled, Large Handles

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There are a number of reasons why bamboo is so popular in domestic use products, specifically as bamboo cutting boards for kitchen the upmost reasons for using bamboo because it is
Long Life
Easy to care
Harder than ordinary wood

Out of The Box 3 Different Sizes

Our bamboo wooden cutting board set for kitchen Large 15x10x0.7inch, Medium 12x08x0.7 inch and Small 09x06x0.7 inch sizes with wide & Deep juice groove to cover your overall chopping needs

Beauty with strength

Our bamboo cutting board wood is famous for its durability or versatility. They last longer because of their great 0.7 inch thickness as compared to other wooden cutting board set

Hand Crafted Premium Chopping Block For Kitchen

The modern era would not surprise our customers if we call bamboo a Green Steel for its durability and versatility, it has amazing strength, weight, and lifespan. Our premium boards have natural attributes of resisting maximum scratches, cracks, and splinters

How To Treat Your Bamboo Cutting Boards

Wash your chopping board set with warm water, let it air dry, and hang it by using a top hole.

Our Boards are Knife-Friendly

At the end of every cutting session in your kitchen, your knives will retain their sharpness means with our bamboo your knife won’t dull their sharpness

Classic Gift Ideas in A Budget
Gift your fiance our beautifully designed board for food photography
A house warming gift for your loved ones for special events throughout the year
To make your women feel special and appreciate her for cooking all year round

Value For Money: Set of small, medium, and large bamboo cutting board come in an economy pack and non slippery due to heavier weight, both sides of Kitchen cutting board can be utilized separately for chopping of vegetable, fruit, and cheese
Won’t Shed Splinters: Our premium bamboo cutting boards superior craftsmanship shapes superior quality bamboo & microscopic hard ridges of the chopping board make it splinter-free
Side Handles & Juice Grooves: Cookgen’s wood cutting boards for kitchen is designed with deep juice groove that prevents the spilling of liquids and comes with handle on sides to use it as a serving tray or a platter to serve your meals
Easier Storage & Easy Wash: Our wooden cutting boards for kitchen design is smooth enough to be cleaned easily even after cutting and rough enough for the food to stay on it and the top hole helps you hang them in style & save the kitchen space
A Longer Life Span: Our wood cutting board Set has 0.7inch thickness so it won’t bend & crack and won’t dull knife sharpness our butcher block is stronger than maple because of its 4-layer technology backed by warranty & friendly customer service


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