Digital Kitchen Scale for Baking and Cooking 11lb/5kg Multifunction Scale Measures 1g/0.04oz Easy Clean



【Precision Food Scale】With a sleek stainless steel and white design, the AIEONE Digital Kitchen Scale is made for contemporary kitchens. 18cm x 14cm stainless steel platform adds a modern aesthetic ,With 1.4cm height, this ultra slim kitchen scale make your storage easier. It’s also convenient for you to bring it outside.
【PRECISE MEASUREMENT】:11lb/5kg capacity with a division of 0.1oz/1g lets you weigh nuts, grains, fruit and more with astonishing accuracy for exact portion control and healthier cooking. High precision strain gauge sensors that deliver trustworthy results every time.【Please remove the blue protective film on the kitchen scale platform before using it. 】
【Multifunction Kitchen Scale】AIEONE cooking scale is particularly versatile due to its features two buttons-one for tare and power and one for unit conversion. Our digital kitchen scale can easily measure water, milk, because it can automatically subtracts the weight of a bowl or container. LCD display shows you metric or standard weights and volume measurements: g, kg, lb,oz,ml,mike ml, so you’re able to convert between recipes when needed.
【Easy to Store & Clean】AIEONE digital kitchen scales are small, lightweight, and take up very little space on a kitchen counter. Our food scale has brushed stainless steel finish which makes this scale profession and practical. You can using wipes on the platform and it cleans right up without streaking. You can use by two 1.5V AAA batteries(With battery) ,has an 3 minutes auto-shutoff feature for energy conservation.
【ultra-low energy consumption】This product adopts the environmen-friendly design ,AAA battery is assembled for ex-factory. Please remove the isolatedthin fim of the battery after purchase and then you may use it.


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