EXPOWER Flameless Candles – 12 Rechargeable LED Flickering Tea Lights + 12 Frosted Cups – Comes With Charging Base, No Battery Needed



​Expower flameless candles bring the warmth and glow of traditional candles into your home with none of the concerns. With a flick of a switch, you can turn your living room, bedroom or dining table into a romantic, relaxing ambiance. Leave them to run indefinitely with none of the stresses of leaving an open flame burning in your house. Once you’re done, pop them into the charging station and they’ll be ready to go again in a few hours!​

​Our favorite features:​

​12 flameless candles​ with a warm, white glow. Runs for up to 12-hours on a full charge. Water-resistant

​12 plastic frosted cups​. Soften the flickering light to create a gentle lantern effect from indoors and out

​Every order comes with a charging station and a USB cable​. Once you have inserted the candles into the base, plug the USB cable into a power supply (​Not Included​). Fully charged in ~9 hours

​Perfect for​ relaxing evenings, dinners, restaurants, outdoor parties, celebrations or just an evening spent in the bath as you release the stresses from the day

​Package includes:​ 12x Flameless candles 12x Frosted cup for candles 1x Charging base 1x USB (3.5mm USB cable) 1x User Manual


​Charging base:​​ ​11.2” x 3.9” x 4.7” ​Tea light:​​ ​1.6” x 1.8” ​Frosted cup:​​ ​1.8” x 3.9”

​NOTE: No Remote Control or AC adapter are included in this order

No More Batteries — To save you both time and money, our flameless candles are fully rechargeable! Once the candles dim, insert them into the accompanying charging base and they’ll be ready to go again in approximately 8-hours/overnight!
The Appearance Of Real Flames — From a distance, the lights within the tea lights dance and flicker just like a real flame. Emitting a warm, white glow – you can combine the candles with the frosted cups or combine them with your favorite ornaments to light up your life!
Perfectly Safe — No longer concern yourself with leaving an open flame in the home. These flameless candles are 100% safe and won’t even warm up despite running for hours on end. When you’re finished for the day, turn them off with the switch at the base of the tea light and you’re done!
Great For A Range Of Environments — From indoors to outdoors, our customers have shared loads of wonderful images of the places they love to use their Expower flameless candles. Our favorite examples; Bedroom, Restaurants, Party, Weddings, Christmas, Halloween and Birthday Decorations and more!


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