FAMISKY Dual Motor Adjustable Height Electric Standing Desk, 55 x 24 Inches Stand Up Home Office Desk with Splice Tabletop, Black Frame/Walnut Top



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FAMISKY makes and provides office furniture that is well-built, affordable and designed to create a energetic, supportive workplace where everyone can feel and do better.

Work Better

Live Happily

Stay Energetic, Stay Motivated!

Change the Way You Work

Whether your work happens in a home office, cubicle, or C-suite, you can benefit from our quality ergonomic office furniture that adapts to your different needs and style. Everything we design and provide—and use ourselves everyday—is for bringing more movement, flow, and well-being into your daily life.

Color: Walnut

Material: Metal, Particle Board

Size: L: 55” x D: 24” x H: 28″ – 45.5”


Solid construction

The FAMISKY desk frame has been engineered for safe, reliable, and fast height adjustment with two separate motors (one in each leg). Dual motors and advanced sensors allow our anti-collision system to have industry-leading sensitivity.


The FAMISKY brand

Your choose shows us your trust and confidence in the quality we’ve built through the years. Because of this, we would provide support you need during the using of your product.


Desk Hooks

Each hook can hook your bag, headphones, and jacket very easily. At the same time, they are pretty matched with our standing desk balance board, feel free to hook it on.


Cable Management Tray

Avoid messy hanging wires! The under desk cable management rack has lots of space for power strip and cables.


Anti-Collision Technology

To protect the table from bumps and scratches, set the built-in sensor to a higher number to detect a solid object when the lifting column goes up or down.


Dual Motor Lifting System

These standing desks are equipped with high-quality dual motors that enable smooth, fluid transitions and under 50 dB noise level. High-grade steel construction also eliminates any wobbling, even at the max height, for a better home office experience.


Desk Hooks


Cable Tray




Dual Motor

Electric Height Adjustable: There are 3 preset buttons to customize your desired heights from 28 inch to 45.5 inch
Spacious Workspace: Alternative surface measuring 55 inch x 24 inch is environmentally manufactured and provides sufficient space
Dual Motor System: Dual motor offers smoother height adjustments, at a faster speed with lower noise (under 40 dB) than a single motor
Simple Assembly: The desk top comes packaged in 2 sections for easy assembly, it allows for a 220 lb weight capacity
Trustworthy: We will provide you with efficient solutions and you could also get our 30-day risk-free guarantee


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