HOME RIGHT Flag Pole Bracket,5FT/6FT/7FT Stainless Steel Flagpole with Rotating Rings Flag Pole kit for Residential and Garden(Adjustable Base with Silver and White) (7FT, Silver)



Product Description

flag poleflag pole

Flag Pole Kit in Store “HOME RIGHT”

This is our new stainless steel telescopic flagpole kit. In the previous version, we upgraded the heavy-duty base bracket, made of high-quality materials, and covered with aluminum alloy oxide layer, rust-proof, sturdy and durable, even under strong wind conditions , Your flag is still flying in the wind

flag pole kitflag pole kit

Flag Pole Kit

This flagpole is sold as a set,which is mounted on the wall . Made from Aluminum construction, and cover with Al alloy oxidation ,it is rustproof ,sturdy and durable. As to this flagpole kit, it is a nice integration, combined with pole, ball finial, flag and carabiners. The halyard pole is adjustable for meeting your needs. Besides ,this flagpole will keep your flag unfurled no matter which way the wind is blowing. This rotating anti-wrap flag pole will extend the life of your flag and Prevent knotting.


5/6/7FT high quality stainless steel flag poles

Aluminum alloy Heavy base bracket

Two no tangle ring clips

Silver ball topper

flag poleflag pole

garden flag polegarden flag pole

Keep your flag from tangling around the pole!

This flag pole set prevents you flag from twisting and wrapping around the pole on breezy days. These flagpoles feature a top section that spins on ball bearings, keeping your flag properly displayed. Order your flagpole today and show your flag proudly.

flag pole holder

flag pole holder

flag pole for boat

flag pole for boat

Garden flag pole

Garden flag pole

Flag Pole for house

The 5/6/7ft used flagpole is widely used in garden & house. Especially in Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, people put up this flag pole kit to celebrate holidays. What’s more, our flagpole kit is easy to install.It can be installed to your walls, your yard, your roof or even your truck.

Truck Flag Pole

New heavy-duty base bracket: We make the top and bottom mounting rings out of aluminum and use thicker aluminum pole in order to increase its durability. They can even be installed on trucks and yachts.This flag pole is more robust than any other spinning flag pole on amazon.

Outdoor flag pole

A universal house flag mounting kit,You can either fly your flag horizontally at a right angle to your house, or fly it at an upward angle. At either angle, your flag will look majestic mounted!

【Adjustable length】Flag pole can be freely combined, and the length can be adjusted between 1.3 FT and 5/6/7 FT to meet your various requirements for the length of the flagpole.
【Rotating bracket】This Flag Pole Bracket is made of high quality aluminum alloy,It is wind resistant and forever rusts free. It can be adjusted within a 90-degree,At either angle, your flag will look majestic mounted.
【Tangle-free Accessories】The flag pole for house comes with two 360-degree rotation flag rings and can be adjusted up and down to fit different sizes of flags,This design protects your flag from being tangled or furled.
【Applicable scene】flagpole kit is great for all scenes and different kinds of flags.It can be mounted on a wall with a flagpole bracket, or it can be hand-held. It can be mounted on walls,garden houses and manor houses or commercial banners in the yard, welcome decoration.
【100% Customer Satisfaction】 All HOME RIGHT products provide 3-year quality assurance and pursue 100% customer satisfaction. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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