Home&Garden TECHTONGDA 90 Lbs BBQ Rotisserie Grill Spit Roaster Tripod 25W Motor Stainless Lamb Skewer



A complete kit designed to be used on the ground, over an open fire. Perfect for anyone who wants to roast meat the old fashioned way – spinning it over a fire, close to the ground, and taking the right amount of time to do it. Perfect for smaller meats such as chickens, hog, goat, and lamb,etc.
Three stainless steel hooks used for fixing meat are placed on spit. Mounting handle is used to rotate the larger weight; it can be easily removed when cooking becomes easier so that you can turn on the engine. Two tripods can be easily removed so that they take up little space in your garage. They are equipped with massive bearings for more easier rotate. The motor comes with the option of running it direct from your mains or alternatively it comes with crocodile clips which plug in to allow you to run off your car battery or equivalent. This makes it more convenient if out camping or away from mains power.
The height the skewer sits over the charcoal can be adjusted by resting the skewer on one of the two bracket levels 48cm and 36cm. We recommend a maximum load of 40kg with this equipment. If you are looking to cook something heavier then please either contact us or view our other items for sale as we do heavier duty kits.
This spit roaster is usable in your backyard, at the beach, for the picnic, or anywhere else.
Item included:
1 Set Stainless Steel Spit Roaster 110V (251123)

Material: Stainless Steel,Motor voltage:110V
Spit length: 51″,Spit width: 15.5″
Spit Height:40” Adjustable
Motor capacity: 60 LBS.Motor power: 25W
Speed: 4RPM,Weight: 25 LBS


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