SIMBR Hydroponic Growing System Indoor Herb Garden Kit for 12 Plants, Starter Kit with LED Grow Light, 4L, Fan and Water Pump, Smart Hydroponic Planter for Home Garden



Product Description

Hydroponics Growing System Herb Garden IndoorHydroponics Growing System Herb Garden Indoor

SIMBR Smart Hydroponic Planter provides adults with a relaxing entertainment option, allowing you to forget about the troubles of work and life so that you can focus on creating your own indoor garden. It also gives children an opportunity to get close to nature and stimulate their interest in biology. One-button to turn on, the LED planting light will automatically fill flash for 18 hours, no need to repeat settings, even if you are on a business trip or short-term travel, your plants will still grow healthily.

Planting tips:Planting tips:

Hydroponic Planter for Home GardenHydroponic Planter for Home Garden

You can plant 12 plants at the same time

1: Assemble your planting box with your children. Choose the plants you like, and wait patiently for the seeds to sprout. (No need to power on the planter when the seeds are not germinating)

2: After the seeds germinate, choose a suitable planting mode for your plant seedlings and record the changes of them.

3: Observe the growth and physical changes of the plants. According to the different growth cycle of the plant (The seedling period, the growth period and mature period), you can easily adjust the heights(up to 11.8 inches tall ) of the telescoping rod.

4: Sprout in a few days, harvest in a few weeks. When vegetables are mature, you can enjoy it with your family or friends.


independent water filling port

independent water filling port

Seedlings blocks are free of soil

Seedlings blocks are free of soil

The fan is set to works for 30 minutes and rests

The fan is set to works for 30 minutes and rests

The pump is designed to work for 30 minutes

The pump is designed to work for 30 minutes

Water filling port

The independent water filling port is equipped with a special measuring cup for filling water, and other appliances can also be used for filling water.

There is a drain on the back of the planter. The water can be changed without disassembling the product, convenient and quick.

12 Seedlings blocks

Seedlings blocks are free of soil, so there is no need to worry about any soil or heavy metal pollution. The medium has enough gaps for the roots of the plants to grow freely.


The fan is set to work for 30 minutes and rests for 30 minutes for enough air circulation between plants.


The pump is designed to work for 30 minutes and rests for 30 minutes by default to allow circulation of water in tank, balancing the water temperature, and avoiding the death of oxygen deprivation.

Starter Kit with LED Grow Light, Fan and Water PumpStarter Kit with LED Grow Light, Fan and Water Pump

The SIMBR Hydroponics Growing System has built-in LED to provide scientific light source ratio for two planting modes: Vegetable Mode and Flower-fruit Mode.

Choose appropriate planting mode according to the type of plant, because the light ratio of two modes are different. Proper light can ensure the maximum photosynthesis of the plant, and the plants will grow faster.

1: Vegetable Mode—Suitable for most leafy vegetables or foliage plants. You can grow vegetables at home by yourself, such as lettuce, spinach, Chinese cabbage and other healthy vegetables without any pollutants. So you can make healthy and delicious vegetable salads for your family.

2: Flower and Fruit Mode—suitable for planting flowering plants and flowers and fruit plants, like rose and small tomato, creating your own private indoor garden in the city. Planting flowers for viewing, small tomato and strawberry persimmon for delicious fruit salad.

12 plants can be cultivated at the same time. You can plant different leaf plants together, such as purple leaf lettuce + mint + lettuce. Flower and fruit plants have different flowering periods and maturity periods, so it is not recommended to plant them together.

Perfect for coriander, basil, chives, alfalfa, lettuce, mint, pepper, thyme, sage, rosemary, pepper, strawberry, cherry tomatoes, rose, pod.

Planting tips:Planting tips:

Planting tips:

Pick fresh and plump seeds
The seedling block should be soaked in water for five minutes to fully absorb water.
Put only one seed into each seedling block After the seeds are placed in the seed pit of the seedling block, cover the seeds with a little bit of the seedling block debris (The seeds do not need to be lighted and the machine does not need to be turned on before germination)
Regularly change the water in the planter (preferably once a week)
If some seeds do not sprout, they are bad. Just replace it with good seed immediately.

hydroponic kit

hydroponic kit

growing system

growing system



Perfect gift for your family

The SIMBR plant germination Kit is the best gift for your family. The new hydroponic technology is non-pollution. Children can plant their favorite flowers and plants by themselves. It can cultivate children’s practical ability and promote parent-child interaction. It is also a perfect gift for grandparents, they can grow favorite vegetables all year round regardless of the season.


Adjustable height: 6.3 -11.8 inches
One-time planting quantity: 12 plants
LED light working time: automatic illumination time is 18 hours a day.
The fan working time: work for 30 minutes and rests for 30 minutes
The pump working time: work for 30 minutes and rests for 30 minutes
Total power: 27.5W
Product Size: 350*307*225~385mm

Package content

1x Smart panel
1x Planting cover plate
1x Planting water tank
1x Adjustable Support Rod
12x Planting baskets
12x Seed pod
12x Moisturizing cover
15xTag label
1x Power adapter
1x Measuring cup

🍓【For 12 plants】 The Growing System is equipped with 12 planting baskets and 12 seedling blocks (No seeds included) and 12 moisturizing covers. For cultivating indoor herb gardens at home, soilless cultivation technology supply a better way to have your favorite plants at any time, regardless of the season and weather.
🍅【27.5W LED lights】Built-in LED lights can effectively avoid plants from aging too quickly and prolongs the survival period. It will automatically fill light for 18 hours, the seeds can germinate in a few days, and the fruit can begin to harvest after a few weeks. Two planting modes to choose: vegetable mode, suits for most leafy vegetables or foliage plants; flower and fruit mode:good for growing flowering plants such as roses or flowering plants such as small tomatoes.
🥕【4L super-large Water Tank, Visible Water Level】4L super-large-capacity water tank is enough for 2 weeks travel leave after full filled. With a visible water level scale, you can easily know the time to add water for avoiding water shortage. Water or nutrient solution can be added into water.
🌼【Up to 11.8 inches tall】The indoor herb growing kit have freely adjust the height of the lifting and shrinking rods (adjustable height: 6.3 -11.8 inches) according to the different growth cycles of the plant (seedling period, growth period and adult plant). The appropriate lights can ensure the maximum photosynthesis of the plant to help plants grow faster.
🍇【Built-in Fan and Water Pump】The fan and water pump work by default for 30 minutes and rest for 30 minutes once the machine started. Fan ensures air circulation between plants and keep the healthy growth of plants. The water pump circulates the water in the water tank, balances the water temperature, and guarantees the oxygen content in the water.


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