The Kinfolk Garden: How to Live with Nature


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“In this gorgeous, aspirational work, Burns, editor-in-chief of Kinfolk magazine, collects ‘stories about nature as nourishment’ along with photographs from homes across the globe to inspire people to bring more nature into their own abodes. . . . Expertly evoking a mood of understated luxury, this stunning spread will have design junkies drooling.” —Publishers Weekly

A gardener with a secret oasis on a Parisian rooftop. An artist making faux flowers to brighten Manhattan apartments. A family of ranchers rewilding the American outback.

Anchored around the idea of nature as nourishment, The Kinfolk Garden explores lush gardens and plantfilled homes around the world and introduces the inspiring people who coax them into bloom. Through visits to friends old and new, the Kinfolk team learns the secrets to a good garden, and what good a garden can do for our self-care, creativity and communities.

Though many of the people we meet along the way champion the idea of following natural instincts rather than a set of prescriptive garden rules, there are practical tips throughout the book that offer advice on everything from growing your own produce to foraging for artful arrangements to simply keeping your houseplants alive a little longer than usual.

The Kinfolk Garden is an invitation to engage with nature—to care for it, create with its beauty and cultivate new relationships around it—and offers inspiration and guidance to anyone looking to bring a little more greenery into their life.

From the Publisher

Featuring Dozens of Beautiful Gardens from around the World

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Nature always finds a way to thrive; meet those who are making it their mission to tame its wild spirit with tender loving care.


The rules of nature have long inspired the principles of design. Meet the creative professionals finding new ways to interpret the abundance around them.


It takes many hands to make a garden. Meet global communities blossoming alongside the nature they tend.

Practical Tips + Advice

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plant care tips how to gardening kinfolk

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orchid plant care tips advice kinfolk gardening

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design flowers plant care gardening kinfolk

How to Care for Houseplants

Learn how to pot and repot, find the best light, clean and prune, and care for your potted plants in the winter and while you’re on vacation.

How to Create with Flowers

Learn how to utilize flowers in cooking, how to dry and press flowers, how to extend the life of your blooms, and how to make arrangements for every season.

How to Plant Some Roots

Learn how to share blooms and cuttings with friends, how to talk to your plants, and how to grow greenery in and around your home even without a garden of your own.


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